Sunday, 8 August 2010

What hums my balls today

Right, this really pisses me off.  Those 'self-service' checkouts they have now in supermarkets.  They're fucking ridiculous! For God's sake, you stand in a queue behind these brainless drones because "you've got more than 10 items Sir" to try and balance your stuff on a bloody 1ft square plate, and when things inevitably fall off (which they always do), you end up having to call those useless dullards who "are there to help you", all while they look at you like you've got two heads! Fuckers!

Then, if your £20 isn't fresh from the bloody ATM, the machine keeps spitting it out! Gorstrikealight!

And then! And then! you see the mile long queue at the cigarette kiosk!  Fackinell!!!!

Worst of all are those "express" shops cropping up, Tesco and the like.  You try getting a pint of milk and 20 Regal from them at 8am, with no-one standing at the counter, cos they're all supervising the "self-fucking-service" queue!

Why do more people not just kick the shit out of these things?

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