Monday, 11 July 2011

Their fucking reply

Please see the below response from Charles Garside, Assistant Editor:

Dear Kevin,

Many thanks for your note.

We always welcome feedback – whether positive or negative – and we value your opinion.

The Mail has an unrivalled stable of excellent columnists who provoke, entertain, infuriate and delight our readers and we hope you will continue to enjoy the paper.

For the record, however, the Mail’s stance on Hillsborough can be summed up by our comment column on the following Monday, April 17, 1989
“Why were the police so slow to respond to the full horror of what was happening? Because their first instinct was to prevent the game being disrupted by those they miscast as troublemakers….
….So many dead and so many of them young. Our hearts go out to the bereaved families of Merseyside.”

As a onetime Chairman of the Liverpool Press Club, I can tell you they still do.

Yours sincerely

Charles A Garside
Assistant Editor